How does it work?

3 simple steps for each of our packages





We set you up on industry leading software that will streamline your business and the way we work together. We train you on how to use them & don't worry, even your grandparents could pick the apps up!

Now.. You do what you do best,

your job.  All you need to do is schedule & invoice your jobs from your phone and take photos of any business receipts in the relevant application!

We do what we do best! Keep you and your books organised. Stress less knowing your Clerk is all over your bookkeeping, debtor & creditors, payroll, BAS/IAS, Document management & more!



Firstly, you pick a plan that suits the size of your business. Then, we get to know how you work & what your priorities are. We are experts at trades management & will hit the ground running once we get you set up. We gladly adapt to your current systems & processes or can help create more efficient workflows. 


The plan you choose will determine the specific number of hours we will work on your business per week. What does that mean? We will use that time based off the highest priority work. We are available to you and your clients 8-5pm Mon-Fri but your allocated time is only used when we are actually performing a task for you!


Our processes allow you to have oversight over all the tasks we perform. You will know what items are still outstanding and what has been done. Your dedicated relationship manager will work with you to understand how regularly you would like to receive updates. Obviously if there is anything urgent we will call you ASAP!

It's that simple. 

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